Flat Rock Sculptures And Mosaics


Copyright 2004 - 2012 Kimberly W. Mosier - All Rights Reserved

Kodiac Moment

Visiting Royalty

Plain Nickel


Hummin An Plumpin

Bills Bills And More Bills

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Beyond Bygone

Late Of The Lake

Polemic Porization Of Polar Bears

Bodega Patio

Age Speed Tranquil

Leap Respite

Zin Vin View Of Sonoma

Fiddler In Green

A Pane To Fix

Copious Fruition

Snow Life


Evening Out In San Fran

Luke's Finest - Winner!

A Home Was Here


Wolf At Night In Forest

Tectonic Uplift

Tribal Drummer

Fibonacci Fractals And...

Aurora Lights North

Way To School

Dawned Upon


Vipereus Optimus

(Based On Real Car)

Lemon Imbibition


On Blocks And Out Of Water

Snow In San Diego

Golden Retriever

Ship In Bodega Harbor


Cranberry Bog

Black And Blue In The Pink

Lagoon Of Dreams

"Backlit" Mosaic Sculptures:

Light Years From Our Sun

Thought I Saw A Thawing Mammoth

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"Jurassic Den"

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From An Enemy Into Anemone